Casey McConnell

Hello all, my name is Casey and I would like to tell you why I am here and what my goal is.
I used to be a selfish drug addict and alcoholic thinking of only myself and hurting those around me by my actions especially my loved ones. I was a 10 year alcoholic and 4 year meth addict, at one point living under a staircase in Orange County hopeless, and dying spiritually, mentally, and physically. But God! God had a different plan for my life and by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ I am alive today reconciled with the Father, my family has been restored and I am no longer living that selfish lifestyle. My purpose, my calling is to be a selfless person, putting others before myself, serving my community in any way I can. I am here to make a difference even if it is with one act of kindness at a time.
I know there are many many others out there lost, hopeless, and hurting like I was and my goal is to reach out to them and show them the love, grace, and forgiveness I was shown. I have been set free and I am called to help others be set free from addiction or any life controlling issue.
Jesus Christ saved my life and He used Teen Challenge as a mighty vessel to help change my life. Please help us out by supporting us in any way you can, I am a walking testimony of the supernatural power of God and of how He is using Teen Challenge to reach those who are lost and bound in darkness. I believe in this cause and ministry because freedom is found here and lives are forever changed here.
Thank you all and God bless every one of you.
Join us in this fight against darkness!